Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm FREE to be what I want, and also to get free stuff, any old time.

You immediately remembered that "Soup Dragons" song, right?  All right, forget the Soup Dragons, if you CAN.  I mean, that 90s alt-pop is catchy, isn't it? It really is.  I'm humming it right now.  NO I MEAN IT, forget the Soup Dragons!  Instead, focus on the free stuff 2013 I am talking to you about.

That is, I'm talking to you, now, about, a website that -- wait for it-- gives you FREE STUFF.  Hence the name.

(I think "Hence The Name" would be an awesome name for, well, anything.)

I'm easily distracted today.  Focus.  Focus, man.  Focus on the travel freebies offered by  What's that I said? TRAVEL STUFF? Yes, I did. is the place to begin planning your awesome summer travels and vacations and whatnot.  Right now, on that sight, they've got dozens, or more, free offers that will help you get away and have fun this summer.  Free nights at Choice Hotels.  Free National Parks apps -- National Parks! They've got geysers! Have you ever seen a geyser? NO? Now's your chance.  Get your app, find a geyser, book a free hotel room nearby, get your free Sierra Club rucksack -- also offered on their site -- and hike to that geyser!  Then use the free admission to all the cool stuff (science museums, etc., etc.) to extend your vacation out, all for NOTHING.  FREE.  Awesome.  You can use some of the money you save on a postcard to send to me.

Anyway: bottom line? Free stuff, on that site.  Not just travel freebies, but all kinds of freebies.  You could probably live your whole entire life for free just by visiting that site daily.  Oh, man, now I'm going to try that. ADIOS!

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