Thursday, June 06, 2013

Art, for the rest of us.

La la lalala la la laaa

Oh, hello! Don't mind me! I was just singing my favorite part of my favorite song, the beginning to "Get A Job" by "The Offspring." CLASSIC.  It's a classic.

But as long as you're here, I can leave off my individual karaoke and let you know that you should NOT BUY ART ON THE STREET CORNERS.  Seriously.  You know all those sales that crop up on busy street corners or in the far edge of the parking lot at Kroger's?  "Starving artist" sales and the like? Yeah, don't buy from them, because they don't have the kind of great art you can get at a Fine Art Gallery like Amour d'Art.

Amour d'Art is an online gallery that lets you get fine art at quality prices -- get it? Quality = good-- and you can shop for the art at your leisure, sitting at your desk, keeping your monitor pointed away from the room where nobody can tell what you're doing, so it's like you're getting PAID to shop for ART.

(NOTE: Not an endorsement of slacking at work, but let's face it, you do.)

Amour d'Art has Pino Art and works by Tarkey, and the selection is always being updated and constantly worth looking at. So spice up your home, your office, your... what else do people decorate? Their cars? No, that's not right. Why can't I think of a third thing?

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Andrew Leon said...

Hmm... maybe I should sell art on street corners.