Saturday, June 29, 2013

Argue if you want but I am dead on here with what you need.

Looking for some fun this summer? OF COURSE YOU ARE.  Who doesn't like fun? Communists, that's who. They HATE fun.  That's why there's so few of them around.  It's a little known fact that human beings cannot survive without fun.

Also, human beings need other things to survive.  Food, oxygen, tablet computers... OH PLEASE, I hear you saying "Hey, that's not a necessity!" but when was the last time you put down your iPad and noticed the world around you? I bet you're reading on a computer right now!

Gotcha, didn't I?

Now that we agree you need fun and electronics, let me tell you about Deal Dash: A penny auction site that combines all the necessities of life: fun, and cheap stuff that you can buy.

That link will take you to a video about Deal Dash that explains how it all works, but let me sum it up for you in a nutshell: At Deal Dash, you buy bids and bid on stuff that you want, and often times you get that stuff for literally pennies.  Well, not literally because you're using bids, but you get the point.

So anyway, check out that video, and learn how you can have some fun this summer.  Or go live in Russia, which has neither fun, nor summer.

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