Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brett Favre Legacy Update (Nonsportsmanlike Conduct!)

"So what I'm sayin' is, it just MEANT MORE to win one
during the 90s, know what I mean?"

Let's get one thing straight: when Brett Favre and the Packers split up, I chose sides, and the side I chose was the winning side (provided that by "winning" you mean "technically,  not really winning when it counts ever again.")  So when I read this headline:

Brett Favre Admits Fault For Divorce From The Packers

My reaction could be summed up as:

Luckily for me, Favre wasn't the only one willing to blame someone other than Favre for the tension between the team that didn't want the man that didn't want the team:

Retired quarterback Brett Favre is taking some of the blame for his ugly departure from the Green Bay Packers.
Favre told WGR 550-AM in Buffalo on Thursday that he was "at fault" in the breakup, though he says he feels like "both sides had a part in it."

The old "It's my fault that it's so much your fault" routine is not the only thing Favre's doing to get Ol' Number 4 retired.  He's also trading text messages with Aaron Rodgers, according to that same story.

But DO NOT get the impression that Rodgers likes Favre.  As anyone who's ever read Nonsportsmanlike Conduct! knows, Aaron Rodgers doesn't like anyone, including cancer patients. So while he's willing to text Favre, he doesn't see himself as a mediator, according to that same article.

I was going to create a series of fake texts between Favre and Rodgers to demonstrate that, but the apps to do that turn out to be really annoying, and also I found this ACTUAL text message exchange:

That's supposedly a set of texts between Minnesota 'quarterback' Christian Ponder and his wife, after Rodgers became worth more than all the rest of the state of Wisconsin this year, in a move that will doom the  Green Bay Packers to Colts-like upper-level mediocrity for the next 7 years.  

The joke is somewhat less funny when you realize that it would take 151 years for the average person on unemployment to make as much as Christian Ponder makes in a single year. Ponder -- a bottom-tier quarterback on an afterthought of a football team -- makes $192,000 per month.

Feel better about yourself now? Have fun at work today! Hey, maybe wear that NFL-team logo tie you got for your birthday last year!

Nonsportsmanlike Conduct! has been devoted to monitoring Brett Favre's Legacy since Brett Favre's Legacy first became possible; read prior installments here. 


Pat Dilloway said...

It would be wise of Ponder to keep shopping at Wal-Mart since he'll probably be cut in a year or two when they bring in the next "quarterback of the future."

Briane P said...

I know, and then he'll have to find a way to live off the several hundred thousand dollars he's already been paid, plus the odd appearance at Vikings-related stuff for a small fee, plus probably a coaching job on some small college.

Andrew Leon said...

Hmm... this post didn't update to my feed the other day, and I'm only just now seeing it. But it's about football, so I guess that's okay. Even more okay since it's about Favre, whom I know almost nothing about.

Briane P said...

FAVRE? Everyone should know about Brett Favre. He is my all-time favorite football player, EVER. Which isn't the reason everyone should know about him, but, still, it's A reason.