Saturday, December 15, 2012

PetCareRX cares about how you care about your pets. (Got that?)

Look, we all get it.

You want to take care of your pet.

But you want to not spend a lot of money.

But you want to take care of your pet.

So okay, you can do BOTH now, thanks to PetCareRx.  PetCareRx is a service that lets you get prescriptions for your pets at lower costs.  It's the same prescriptions you'd get from the vet, but you don't pay the vet's markups or other costs that get added on by the time you see these things.  Instead, you get them cheaper, and shipped right to you.

PetCareRx is the experts in pet care.  They know that you want to treat your dog, or cat, or parakeet, or marmoset... can you have marmosets as pets, and am I actually thinking of marmalade? Yes, and yeeeeessss.

I'm back.  PetCareRx knows you want to take care of your pet.  That's why they give you tips on pet care and reminders that the holidays are dangerous for pets, and that's why they make it possible for you to get the medicines your pet needs shipped right to you for less.  So check out that link and start saving money... and the animals you love.


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