Saturday, December 08, 2012

Abilene Veterinary Clinic wants you to take care of your pets this year.

It's easy to forget that the holidays can be a death trap of sorts for your pets -- a reminder recently put out by the Abilene Veterinary Clinic.

As the Abilene Veterinary Clinic points out, the holidays, so fun for us, aren't so much fun for pets, who might chew on wires for Christmas decorations, or even eat low-hanging ornaments, or get into foods and drinks that are sitting around for parties (and did you know that chocolate is poisonous for dogs?)

Also, holiday gatherings can be stressful for pets, who suddenly have to contend with a houseful of loud, probably drunk, people.  Taking the time to calm your pet down and understanding that they may be more nervous might help avoid your pet getting injured, or injuring someone.  (Once, at my mom's, her dog got excited and bit Middle Daughter.  Not badly, but still: she bit her.)

So this year, take the advice of the Abilene Veterinary Clinic: pet-proof your holidays to enjoy them better and avoid harming man's best friend.

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