Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Alliant Group gives you your money back.

You're probably leaving money on the table, just so you know.

If you run a business, then you pay taxes.  And if you pay taxes, you probably OVERPAY your taxes, which, okay, it's patriotic but it's also dumb, because why don't you use that extra money to build your business or pay your employees more or get that new coffee maker everyone's been asking for.

 (Because the old coffee maker works just fine, is the answer to the latter question, but it doesn't.  It tastes terrible.  They just don't know, the top brass, do they?)

The problem is that you are not a tax expert and that "accountant" you use is just your brother-in-law's unemployed buddy who used to run the car wash.  So you should get the Alliant Group to give you advice instead.

Visiting that link will tell you everything you need to know and more about Alliant Group.  But the nutshell is: they're a speciality tax services provider.  They help your company find tax incentives and credits for things you do, and that helps you save money.

And the website that link leads you to is chock full of tips, like how to assign tasks to employees in order to maximize tax credits, and other things you need to know.  So get the money off the table, hit that link, and see about Alliant Group.

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