Friday, December 28, 2012

I have a way with words, you might say. Or I might say it. Using those words that I have a way with. "WAY WITH". That's fun to say.

There I was, bottom of the ninth, so to speak, and everything was on the line, 'everything' in this case being $12.60.  Time was clicking away, which I realize doesn't make sense in a baseball analogy so let's change this to football.  There I was, bottom of the Fourth Quarter... no,that's not right.  Try again.  There I was, 2 minute warning having just sounded, and 99 yards to go for the game winning touchdown... with...

Oh, heck.  Forget it.  I'm just trying to give you an idea of what it's like to shop for yourself or others on the Deal Dash penny auction site, which is where I spend most of my time these days, because unlike YOU I want to get a 16GB Apple iPad for way lower than list price.

How low?  Try free, which is what one iPad just went for on their site.

DealDash makes shopping fun, and does more than that.  It's a penny auction site, but a fair one, where you buy bids and each bid raises the price of an item by one cent, and resets the clock for bidding to a maximum of 30 seconds.  Win your auction, get an item for as much as 95% below retail.  There are $25 gift cards going for a couple bucks, Xbox games selling for under $3, utensils and kitchenware and more more more

I get excited.  Sorry.

DealDash also helps you out a lot of ways. That link above takes you to a video that teaches you bidding tips and helps make sure you'll get the stuff you want.  DealDash lets you as a first time bidder bid risk-free: get your item or you'll get those bids back, newbie.  And on any auction, if you don't win the auction you can buy the stuff from the DealDash store anyway and get your bids back -- so you'll either get the item for way below list, or you'll just pay about what you'd have paid at the store.

Either way: you win.  Or you will if you can get those 99 yards before the buzzer sounds at the third out.

Nailed it.  ANALOGY ANALOGIZED.  Now go to DealDash.

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