Monday, February 20, 2012

The Best Of Everything 100-day 100-question Star Wars Blogathon, Question 1

And so it begins... (Official RULES here!)
Today's question is worth 6 points.:

Who honed his piloting skills by poaching Bothan Sky Dragons?

It's multiple choice, so the options are:

A. Black One
B. Red Six
C. Black Two.
D. Red Five.

Remember: First correct answer in the comments gets those six points, but EVERY comment is entered in the weekly drawing for a prize!

Maybe this'll help? Probably not:


Uncle Grumpy Bulldog said...

I would say D but that was wamprats so maybe it was someone else.

OK, I think one of the Captcha things is in Arabic or Russian or something. How am I supposed to type that?

Briane P said...

So is that your guess? Or are you heding?

Correct answers will be announced the next day, so people can still enter.

Briane P said...

I meant "hedging."

"Heding" is not a thing, so far as I know.

Uncle Grumpy Bulldog said...

Yes that will be my guess. Are you including Expanded Universe stuff from the books and comics and stuff? I stopped reading those like 10 years ago.

Andrew Leon said...

That would be C. Black Two.
Although, I'm kind of disappointed that they couldn't come up with him doing it in anything other than a T-16.
Sounds like that was Decipher's fault, though. Don't get me started on them. >:(

Stephen Hayes said...

This will be a lot of fun for Star Wars aficionados, but this is a subject of which I know precious little. Those of you out there with a strong connection to the "Force" (or the Dark Side) will undoubtedly have lots of fun.

Briane P said...

@andrew: I don't understand a single word of what you said, but it made me laugh for some reason. In a good way.

Andrew Leon said...

The reference to Black Two killing Bothan Sky Dragons originated on a Star Wars playing card put out by Decipher (I'm pretty sure, anyway). Decipher developed the original Star Wars CCG, and, then, glutted the market with expansions and variations on both Star Wars and LotR. I have a strong dislike for that company. They are the epitome of the "all the money now" philosophy of doing things and ran themselves out of business because of it. They also killed Star Wars as a card game.

At any rate, the answer to your question is Black Two.

Uncle Grumpy Bulldog said...

Yeah see I never played the card game. I'm sure my brother has a few boxes of it mixed in with all his Star Trek cards and Legos and stuff.

Andrew Leon said...

Well, it wasn't even on the main CCG. I'm pretty sure that was on one of the spin offs.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

The answer according to google is some dude named Mithel so I'll go with C.

Andrew Leon said...

@Michael: Yeah, that's the name of the pilot who is Black Two.