Monday, February 27, 2012

The Best Of Everything 100-day 100-question Star Wars Blogathon, Question 8

New to this? You can still win! Here's the official rules.

I should probably mention the Academy Awards here, given that they just occurred last night and so it's topical, and also since there was a bit of Star Wars in one of those film montages, which I'd put here but nobody has bothered to put it on the Internet because everyone is too worried about whether they saw a bit of Jennifer Lopez's nipple. (Answer: yes.)

There was that, and there was Miss Piggy's voice being all wrong, and then there was Billy Crystal doing the absolute worst James Earl Jones impression I've ever heard; how do you imitate James Earl Jones and not do Darth Vader?

And there is your Not Really Related To Star Wars Oscar wrap-up.

Yesterday's answer was Padme Amidala, so Rusty got the 10 points and has closed to within 1/3 of Andrew Leon's points -- with 93 questions left, it's still anybody's Blogathon, so if you haven't yet entered, get a guess in there! Plus, remember that each comment, right or not, is an entry in the Weekly Prize Drawing. Last week's prize went to Rusty, too, as his Wookiephilia paid off, and this week's prize will include a free copy of Rusty's awesome book A Dead God's Wrath.

Anyway: The question, which has very little to do with Jennifer Lopez's nipple:

Into which category do gorgs fall?

A. Amphibian
B. Reptilian
C. Mammalian
D. Insectoid.

I don't actually know what a gorg is, so in retrospect, maybe this has everything to do with Jennifer Lopez's nipple.

Or maybe it's just that you can't mention "Jennifer Lopez's nipple" enough. As always, first correct answer gets the points; today's question is worth 15 points.

Here's something interesting: The original 1977 trailer for Star Wars:

I was 8 when that came out. Imagine, though, a time when a George Lucas movie was sold by pointing out that Lucas had directed American Graffiti.

Also of interest? Although the movie began with A long time ago..., the trailer says "Somewhere in space this may all be happening right now," which not only gives an argument against all the nerds who always point out that Star Wars was way in the distant past, but also might literally be true, given that scientists think that the nature of infinite space and time means that universes are spontaneously being created all the time and we just don't know it.


Rusty Webb said...

C - mammal.

Rusty Webb said...

I chose mammals because I assume that's what wookies are.

Also - You forget relativity. It could be happening right now and a long time ago... Depending on your perspective.

Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

A, amphibian

Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

Since Andrew has such a huge lead I've taken to cheating now by looking up answers on the Internet. That seems the only way to level the playing field.

Briane P said...

Rusty: I never forget relativity, but I'm also not on speaking terms with it. (It knows what it did.)

Grumpy: I'd have googled the answers myself, but my search bar keeps autotyping "J.Lo's Nipple."

But I STILL don't see what's wrong with looking up the answer. Maybe you could pretend that the Internet is the Hogwarts library and you snuck into the forbidden section to look up the information you need. If it was good enough for Hermione, it ought to be good enough for you.

(I actually have a tattoo that says just that.)

Andrew Leon said...

There were gorgs all over the place in Galaxies. I don't know if they called them that, though.


As I said, it doesn't really take the internet to beat me, it just takes my kids being back in school. It's not too likely that I'll be getting any answers in first anymore.
You know, unless you wait till the middle of the day to start posting.

Nancy said...

When I yelled this question about Star Wars from sitting at my computer down the hall to my husband in his home office. His voice sounded hurt and confused as he said, "I never heard of it," and immediately looked it up. I hear him now muttering, "some sort of monster" as he looks at his search. Hee,hee, I may do this everyday. Who doesn't need to know more about some gorgs?

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Jennifer Lopez's nipple has caused quite the stir.

Andrew Leon said...

I finally got a post up about your blogathon.
I almost forgot to tell you.
If Rusty hadn't commented on the post, I would have forgotten.