Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Best Of Everything 100-day 100-question Star Wars Blogathon, Question 7

New to this? You can still win! Here's the official rules.

This is why we can't have nice things: Yesterday's question asked for the seemingly innocuous answer to what was the dominant feature on a made-up planet and ended up exposing the fact that planets often have more than one dominant feature! Can you imagine? I mean, when I look around Earth I certainly see just the one feature (Ron Paul supporters), but apparently planets in the Old Republic had several different features to them, and also, apparently, people really watch movies in a way that I don't, so I will put several controversies to rest right here:

1. Rusty gets the points for his answer, because he was the first to name a dominant feature of Planet Lunchmeat. (Bulbous plants was another feature, but Andrew didn't come up with that until after Rusty got his answer in.)(I'd like to point out again that I'm not making up these questions; I'm making fair use of questions someone else made up, since my own nature is not to be inquisitive at all.)

2. The Death Star that was being built at the end of Revenge of The Sith was obviously a flawed version, perhaps the beta-test Death Star, which is why it took 20 years to build but then was blown up almost instantly, and that is the ultimate lesson why you don't want to be an early-adopter of technology. People who held out for Death Star 2.0 probably got unlimited data plans and a voice assistant they could pretend did more than recognize key words.

So the official standings have been updated: Andrew Leon kept his hefty lead hefty by getting the 10 points for the bonus questions.

I also did the drawing for the first Weekly Bonus Prize; this week's Weekly Bonus Prize is a free e-copy of my book the After, a book which is taking the world by storm (and by "the world" I mean Grumpy Bulldog, who gave it a good review even without me paying him to do so.) The winner of the first Weekly Prize is...

Rusty! Whose persistence in repeatedly saying Wookies got him enough entries to win the random drawing. Rusty: Click here to email me the address you want the e-book sent to (if you don't have an e-reader, let me know.)

Remember: All comments are an entry in the drawing for the weekly prize. Next week's Weekly Prize is still a mystery, but will include a free copy of Rusty's book, which I will buy for the winner along with the other part of the prize.

So: If you have something to hawk, try to win a weekly prize because now you see what'll happen.

Anyway: The question today:

Who said "So this is how liberty dies -- with thunderous applause"?

It's worth 10 points. First correct answer gets the points.


Rusty Webb said...

Oh, please let that be Padme. Or senator Amidilla. Wait. Is that the same person?

Andrew Leon said...

And Rusty beats me to the answer again! Good job.
Look, it wasn't even wookies.

Rusty Webb said...

The wookie thing is my version of crying out $1 on the price is right after everyone else has made their bid. I did see a person actually start bidding at $1 before, but I believe they learned a valuable lesson about strategy in the moments just after. You never, ever, start bidding at $1 on the price is right, ever. If you're ever on the show please remember that.

Also, if I don't know an answer, I suppose it's also my way of at least showing my participation.

And I'm excited to win a copy of The After, of course, Briane, as a true fan, I already own my copy. I believe I'm around halfway done - Rory showed up and he and Scorise (who gets confused by units of measure, btw) entered the garden from the front door of their London flat in this morning's reading.

It's brilliant of course, which you probably already know, and definitely would know if you've been following my progress on Goodreads, or maybe just if you accepted my friend request there, but whatever, you're a bigshot author and probably have the luxury of not having to spend all your energy pleasing just one little 'ol fan.

The point being, if I knew I could win all your books, I would quit buying them. However, I keep winning them after I buy them.

So, you can give me an alternate prize - maybe bonus points, or a Briane Pagel action figure - or you can pass on my winning to someone who can use them.

Andrew Leon said...

Well... I don't own a copy of the after, yet. >hint hint<
Of course, my TBR stack is... well... larger than I'd like, and it already contains Eclipse.

I think I may have to look up that wookie cookie recipe. I think Rusty needs some.

Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

The only reason anyone can follow Rusty's progress on "The After" on Goodreads is I added the book when I read it recently. (I hadn't realized I could do that but you just need the ASIN from Amazon.) I also "rescued" "The Scariest Things You Can't Imagine" because it had "lost" the title when they switched to a new company for their books database. Which really if you put any books on Amazon you should check on them on Goodreads to make sure they're still there.