Friday, February 24, 2012

The Best Of Everything 100-day 100-question Star Wars Blogathon, Question 5

Lando Calrissian, who has become an adjective, was the answer to yesterday's question. Andrew Leon got the points; I've actually got that set to autotype in now, so all you other people need to be a little quicker on the trigger finger.

But as for Andrew:

Today's question is worth 32 points.

Who played Ki-Adi-Mundi in Attack Of the Clones?

That's Ki-Adi-Mundi over there to the right, looking like a sentient frosted asparagus.

Once you're done answering, you should definitely go read Grumpy Bulldog's fanfic, Return To Tattoine: Here's a thrilling excerpt from Chapter One:

The bomber was clawing for altitude and heading for space, not wanting any part of the X-Wing. Artoo beeped a warning and Luke saw that two TIE Interceptors had dropped in behind him. Luke banked the fighter to the right and one of the TIE Interceptors sped past him. The other interceptor was still on his tail and Luke pulled the fighter up, jinking to the left and right. Luke finished the loop, ending up upside down with his nose pointed at the TIE Interceptor. Luke stabbed the fire button and one laser sawed off the TIE Interceptor’s right solar panel. The TIE Interceptor smashed into the jungle and Luke felt shots bang against his shields.

Luke smiled as he put his throttle to nearly zero. The rookie TIE Interceptor pilot didn’t notice that had slowed until he was just about to crash into the fighter. The Imperial pilot climbed and flew over the X-Wing, too distracted to fire his guns. As the TIE Interceptor passed overhead, Luke put it in his sights and opened fire. The TIE Interceptor broke apart and exploded. Luke booted in the X-Wing’s afterburners and climbed towards space.

The X-Wing broke through the atmosphere and Luke could see the huge Star Destroyer in orbit over the nearly helpless world. Two old corvettes were shooting at the Star Destroyer and launching Z95 Headhunters to deal with the horde of TIE fighters

Grumpy's fanfic raises the question: can you be sued for writing fan fiction? The answer is yes -- even if the fan fiction you're writing is intended to benefit the person who created the original work. Consider the case of Anderson v. Stallone, in which a guy named Anderson (of course) saw the movie Rocky III and wrote a script treatment for Rocky IV. He then shopped it around to various studios, and said he was promised a bunch of money to produce the script.

Turns out Stallone made Rocky IV, but didn't pay Anderson, and apparently Stallone used Anderson's concept for the movie. But when Anderson sued for royalties, the Court ruled in Stallone's favor, finding that the movie revolved around the concept of the Rocky characters and that it wouldn't exist without using them.

Which is something to thinLinkk about if you've got that script for Star Wars VII: A New New Hope that you're about to send off to Lucas.

As usual, standings are here, don't forget you get 5 points for mentioning the Blogathon on your blog (5 points for each post mentioning it) and as always, first correct answer gets the points but Every! Comment! Is! An! Entry! In! The! Weekly! Drawing!

And if you think that was annoying to read, try! typing! that! way!

Here's Lando Calrissian as a Green Lantern, because why the heck not?


Andrew Leon said...

Silas Carson

Uncle Grumpy Bulldog said...

I probably could have found that out in IMDB but I won't stoop to that level.

I wonder if that IBM computer Watson could beat Andrew Leon at Star Wars trivia?

Andrew Leon said...

I did, actually, have to look that one up. Oh, well.

I bet you think that I haven't hyped your contest, because I don't want the competition, but the real answer is so much simpler than that. I just forgot. I met to put a mention of it in my post about Red Tails, since it is, you know, Lucas related, but I forgot to throw it in. Don't feel bad, though; I also forgot to post about my story being up on Amazon. If I can't remember to hype my own stuff, I can hardly be expected to remember to hype someone else's, right?

I just want you to know that you have actually managed to change the way I do my blog stuff with this whole Star Wars thing. No... I'm not competitive.

Rusty Webb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rusty Webb said...

Wookies - wait. You know, I don't even feel like this is fair anymore. Aren't wookies the answer to anything?

And it would be better if you scheduled these at a specific time every day. That way I could be the first person to stop by... and give the wrong answer.

You know, for fairness's sake.

Andrew Leon said...

I will say that my ability to be waiting for these posts ends this week. My kids have been out of school on "ski" break, so I've been able to be sitting around in the mornings drinking cocoa rather than being at their school reading, as I usually am. I fully expect that Grumpy will take the lead and retain it after this, since he is, after all, the first person to comment on at least 90% of all blog posts. Even blogs he doesn't follow.

Briane P said...

Actually, Rusty, I'm trying to shake up the times a little bit to avoid people just lurking until the post is up. But today I had to get it on the blog because I have to go to Court this afternoon, as my firm is actually insisting that I do at least one law-related thing per week... hence the legalisms in this post.

The other thing is: I'm actually picking the questions at random, so I'm sure that Wookies will eventually be the answer, but probably not to the level that you are demanding.

Briane P said...

Also: Man, Andrew YOU ARE FAST.

Andrew Leon said...

Today was completely by luck. I just happened to sit down and refresh my blog list, and your post popped up at, like, 32 seconds after posting or something.

How do you get random questions? Do you have a list of questions somewhere?

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

This contest is rigged. I don't like how it is being done and I'm just going to boycott the contest.