Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Closer Look At: The Best Candy.

There have been, at this point, well over one mocha-zillion nominations on The Best Of Everything; so from time to time I will be pulling out one of the old ones and updating or highlighting something about it. Here's a Closer Look at: The Best Candy.

I noticed, yesterday, when I bought myself a strawberry Charleston Chew, two things. First, I noticed that candy bars are now 99 cents. I can't believe that I'm paying more than a buck for a candy bar. Second, I noticed that candy bars have begun doing the same thing that movies and sodas have been doing for years: simply taking one brand name and spinning it into 300 variations. They had a "Mint/Dark Chocolate Three Musketeers" for sale -- which means that it's really not a Three Musketeers bar at all anymore, is it? I mean, if I create a candy bar that tastes like Blue Moon ice cream and caramel corn, and then call it a "Blue Moon Reese's Peanut Butter Cup" even though it's not peanut butter, is that right?

And is it sad that I've devoted about an hour to pondering that question?

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