Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Best Saturday Night Live Skit

I really should have to say nothing more about this entry, as it's just obviously The Best Saturday Night Live Skit ever. But I will say more, and this is what I will say:

First, eventually I think that everyone in society will speak in nothing but quotations from movies and TV shows and songs and books; everything we say will in some way be a quotation from something we heard. That's what our family is evolving into right now: there is nothing in our lives that cannot somehow feature a quote from some movie, show, or comedian worked into the conversation about it, including church. I'm pretty sure that our family is indicative of society as a whole, in that our family has people in it and society does, too.

That process began, for us, with the "Census Taker" skit, a skit we have memorized and frequently laugh about at inappropriate times.

I'm not sure, when society reaches that point, how we will come up with new entertainment to put on TV and the Internet and movie screens to keep generating quotes; it's possible that we'll just recycle old entertainment and make it seem new, a process that has also already begun.

So there's my happy Sunday thought: Someday, we will live in a dystopian society where our conversations are simply reiterations of the things we have seen on TV, and TV is simply a reiteration of our conversations. We will live in a closed-loop so stifling and imitative that once we are in it, it will make Family Guy seem fresh and inventive.

Second, when I win the lottery and have all the time in the world, I will not only perfect Christopher Walken's dance moves, but I will travel the country with Sweetie (and probably with a choir) and we will perform impromptu performances of this on streetcorners in cities to make people laugh and remind them of a time when comedy was fresh and new and featured Christopher Walken. I will do that not out of the goodness of my heart alone, but out of a need to constantly want to be the one who says "Boy, I really overshot it with the 80, huh?"

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