Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Closer Look At: The Best Hamburger

There have been, at this point, well over one mocha-zillion nominations on The Best Of Everything; so from time to time I will be pulling out one of the old ones and updating or highlighting something about it. Today's Closer Look is at:

The Best Hamburger. (Read the original post "The Best Hamburger" here.) Back when I started this, TBOE was just a germ of a concept in my mind, an idea I'd gotten while watching 3 TVs at once and pretending to ride an exercycle at the health club. So the early entries were shorter and maybe a lot less pontificating-y.

They also may have been wrong. Because I'm not sure that Kopp's still makes The Best Burger. While I'm not entirely ready to change a nominee-- something that's never been done-- I have to say that the burger I ate at Sonic in Orlando was really, really good; and not only was it really, really good, but it also gave me the chance to compare myself to Billy Pilgrim.

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