Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Closer Look at... A Closer Look At The Best Female Singer.

Well, now I'm totally confused.

Way way back when, I posted "The Best Female Singer" and mentioned how I'd come to like Fiona Apple's voice because of the song "I Need You Like A Drug" which had been on a mixtape a DJ friend of mine made; but I couldn't find the tape and I could never find the song.

Then, searching around on Youtube, I found the song "I Need You Like A Drug," only it was credited to They Eat Their Own and maybe to Moffmen.

Now, loyal reader Krista, who I would link to but her link is blocked, has done some searching of her own and come up with the song "I Need You Like A Drug," available at this site, and credited to...

Fiona Apple.

So will someone just please settle this for once and for all? Who sang this song? And what's a Moffman? And why are candy bars 99 cents?

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