Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Best Batman Movie... So Far

There are three driving forces behind The Best of Everything:

1. Tell the entire world what The Best of Everything is.
2. Challenge myself by continuing to create new, more interesting, better categories, and
3. Get someone else to do the work for me.

Today's entry is an unqualified success. Or should that be "qualified success?" What does it mean to be an unqualified success? I think people use to to me this is successful without any reservations about it, like saying that the pizza at the buffet was pretty good for pizza at a buffet. That's a qualified success. But it doesn't sound right; it sounds like I'm saying that something is successful without having any qualifications that you would ordinarily consider a necessity to become successful (e.g., me.)

I'll put it this way: Today's entry meets all three goals. It says something is The Best. It's done by The Boy, and it continues the creative categorization of things, joining such highlights as Absolutely The Last Best Version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, the time I picked The Best of two things that are obviously identical down to a molecular level, the first dual nomination in two categories, and my personal favorite, The Best Thing That I Don’t Really Know What It Is But Find Weirdly Compelling and Like It.

Today, The Best of Everything is proud to present the first pre-Best. A pre-best, a term I invented yesterday, is the nominating of something as The Best when it doesn't even exist yet!

How can that be done? Simple: I make the rules. So when The Boy gave me his nomination for today, I accepted it without question. (See also: goal number 3, above.) I present you: The Boy's Nomination of The Dark Knight as The Best Batman Movie... So Far.

The Dark Knight will be The Best Batman Movie... So Far. The Dark Knight will be that because of the suit, the director of the new Batman, and the rebirth of Commissioner Gordon.

The new Batsuit is the more modernized version of the suit from Batman Begins. It is a very realistic suit and not loaded up with random gadgets that wouldn't work or fit on the suit anyway, like the suits in the Joel Schumacher films.

The director of the new Batman films is the very talented Christopher Nolan. Nolan has directed such films as Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, and The Prestige. Nolan has brought a new image to the Batman films. His Batman films have brought the straightforward, serious Batman that has a fast pace to it, especially when compared to the Tim Burton films (which were good) that brought the dark, psycho side of Batman and the Joel Schumacher films (which were mostly about the flashy, showtime side of Batman with his unrealistic gadgets and flashy vehicles.)

The rebirth of Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight is very important in the Batman story. In the old Batman films, Commissioner Gordon was basically a no-show. Commissioner Gordon, played by Gary Oldman -- a great actor-- was important in the first film in the Nolan series just like in the comic books. Like in the comic books, Gordon and Batman have a close bond in crimefighting in Gotham City.

So, with the new suit, and the director Christopher Nolan, and the rebirth of Commissioner Gorden, I think The Dark Knight will be The Best Batman Movie... So Far.

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