Friday, June 13, 2008

Cost Captain is not just a military genius, but also your student's best friend.

There have been all sorts of heroic and popular military types over the years: Ike, the Captain & Tennielle, and Cap'n Crunch spring to mind. But for all the good they did society protecting us from muskrats and the like, they all pale in comparison to is what they call in the 'biz' a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller. That means that they can sell brand new Office 2007 Suite, and Vista, to students and staff of libraries, or schools, or research labs, or even home schools.

The products they sell are all 100% Authentic Microsoft products at academic discounts-- discounts that mean you can get Microsoft Office 2007 from $129, Vista Upgrade from $89. They've got friendly customer service and have shipped and sold to hundreds of academically eligible people and institutions.

They require that you prove academic eligibility before shipping, so if you're going to get one of these as a present, try to get one of their gift certificates, instead.

Students are going to need to know how to use Office 2007 and the other Microsoft programs that run the world; they can get a head start on it now, at a price that even college students can afford.

Now, that's military action we can all support. Click the picture here and salute the CostCaptain!

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