Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome Another TBOE Reader!

Yet another celebrity reader of TBOE has surfaced. Megan Fox -- who you may remember had a career as recently as a month ago, before she forgot that hot twentysomethings are as common in Hollywood as PEZ were in my 5th grade math class...

... really: PEZ were very popular back then. Trust me on that.

... Megan Fox is trying desperately to hang on to her fame, and in doing so, has revealed that she is a reader of The Best Of Everything.

Nearly a year ago, I posted "The Best Foods That Should Be Made Into Movies In Which One Actor Plays All The Parts." (I know that you copied that post word-for-word into your diaries, but you can click that link to go read it.) In that, I proposed "Hamburger, The Movie," described thusly:
Maxine (Megan Fox) decides that she's going to prove her grandmother invented the hamburger and draw attention to her proof by making the world's largest hamburger and setting a new world record. But Maxine struggles to do this on her own, with flop after flop, and so she must, one at a time, bring in others: her fiance (Megan Fox), the town's crazy psychic lady (Megan Fox) and eventually the World's Record Certifier herself (Megan Fox) -- who reveals that she's only helping because she's fallen in love with Megan, leading to the first-ever onscreen girl-kissing-herself- scene.

The pitch for that movie was this: Did you hear me? Megan Fox Kisses Megan Fox!.

Now, here we are, not even 6/12 into 2010 and Megan Fox has shown herself to be a reader of this blog by releasing new publicity stills... photos of her making out with a mannequin that looks exactly like her.

Here's one:

And here's another that will either put her career back on track, or get you all fired from work for looking at it:

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Rogue Mutt said...

Wow, Megan Fox kissing Megan Fox! I would definitely see that. Though I'd probably buy a ticket for a good movie, then sneak in when it gets to that part and then sneak out again once it's over.