Sunday, June 27, 2010

The 30 Best Things About Summer, 17.

17. Entering an air-conditioned building after being out in the humidity for a while.

I don't mind the heat. I really don't. Given a choice between 100 degrees + humidity, or winter, I'll go with the sweat-sticking-my-new-throwback-Rambis-Lakers-shirt-to-me anyday.

And I'm not crazy about air conditioning, because I like it warmer rather than colder.

That said, when you're all sweaty and hot and worn out and tired, and you go into a convenience store or other building and get that blast of 67-degree air, it's beautiful.

Other Best Things About Summer:

8. Helium balloons.

9. Jell-O

10. Shorts.

11. Hammocks.

12. Longer days.

13. Sandals.

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