Sunday, June 20, 2010

The 30 Best Things About Summer, 15

Road Trips.

In the winter, nobody drives anywhere just for fun. That's reserved for the warmer months, when you can get into the car with a backpack full of cheesepuffs for the Babies! and your iPod set to the perfect playlist for that day (Road Trip, I believe you titled it) and head off for... wherever. Maybe it's just the water park. Maybe it's a hamburger stand in Prairie du Chien. Maybe it's Harry Potter's new theme park. (nerd!). The destination doesn't matter so much as the fact that it's sunny, your elbow is getting a tan, and you can play the Alphabet Game with the kids. Or your wife. Make her play; she's got to loosen up.

Other Best Things About Summer:

8. Helium balloons.

9. Jell-O

10. Shorts.

11. Hammocks.

12. Longer days.

13. Sandals.

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