Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The TBOE Replay: The Best Sad Song.

Every month, I check the statistics on this site to see what it was people were looking at in the month before -- seeing what it is you liked and what it is you didn't. I've decided to share that with you, from here on out, so at the end of each month, you'll get the "TBOE Replay," highlighting the most popular nomination from the month before.

This past month, December 2008, you were looking at and searching for "The Best Sad Song," the original nomination of which you can find by clicking this link.

Which made me wonder. That was my most viewed page in December. Three of the five most popular searches leading people here in December had the words "Sad" and "Song" in them.

So why was everyone in December looking to hear sad music? Just thinking about the reasons makes me sad, a little, too.

So to you readers who were looking for sad songs as we went into the holidays, I hope that in 2009 I can help cheer you up just a little.

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