Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome another TBOE reader!

I am both prone to taking credit where credit may not be due, and also heavily in favor of people making a buck, which is why I am pleased to announce (and claim I inspired) that "A 33 year-old damsel from Montana" is my latest fan.

The "damsel" is the operator of www. CerealMarshmallows.com -- a website that is devoted to selling just the cereal marshmallows.

Which, you'll recall, I first proposed way back when. So the "damsel" is obviously also a genius, because she recognized a good thing when I proposed it and also because she reads The Best of Everything.

So welcome, Ms. Marshmallow, to the hallowed grounds of TBOE readerdom, and make sure I get a discount, because I'm going to blow my entire allowance on your website this week.

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