Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Linus was way cool.

Because Mr Bunches broke my reading glasses a while back -- tearing them off my face and breaking them in half -- it's time that I pick up a new pair of spectacles to help stave off impending old age, and I've decided to do it right: no more $5 reading glasses from the corner drugstore.

Instead, I'm going to get a pair of Holiday frames from Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical is that online seller of prescription eyeglass frames for as low as $8 -- stylish, cool, neat frames that they can sell for that low of a price because they make them all themselves, so there's no middleman driving up the prices. And they have a huge selection of frames, too -- just in the holiday section alone the options go on for pages, making it difficult to make up my mind.

But I did. I did make up my mind, and I picked these out:

I know, I know: Harry Potter frames are so five minutes ago. But I like them, and beside, I like to think of them not as "Harry Potter" frames, but as "Linus" frames-- because my own cultural references go way back beyond Harry Potter days and all the way to the time that Linus got his glasses.

So to today's kids, I'll look like Harry Potter, but to myself and those who are truly cool, I'll look like Linus -- and how awesome is that?

Plus, with Zenni Optical, I can get prescription lenses, even bifocals or trifocals or however-many-focals I might need (I think actually the limit is 3). I could even, at these prices, pick out a second pair for Mr Bunches to break, so he'll spare the ones I need.

They've got women's and kids' frames, there, too, so if you need specs, I'd check out Zenni Optical. Just point, click, and see!

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