Monday, December 29, 2008

The SemiDaily TBOE List!

This page will from here on out serve not just as an explanation, but also as the roster of all

The SemiDaily TBOE Lists:

The Five Best Best Pictures (And How They Could Have Been Bester!)

The Four Best Beloved Children's Characters Who Are Not Quite
What They Seem To Be.

The Four Best Foods That Have Only A Tenuous Connection To The Natural World

The Six Best Poems That Should Be Made Into TV Serieses.

The Seven Best Songs That Show What Love Is Really Like

The 10 Best Songs That Will Make You Feel Good (and Then Feel Bad About Feeling Good.)

The Best Things About The Suburbs, As Proven By "The 'Burbs," And Which Are Not As Bad As Movies And Books C

The 3 Best Supervillains
Who Deservedly Just Kept Coming Back And Should Keep Doing So.

The Four Best Board Games That Should Be Made
Into Sitcoms.

The Best REM Songs That Prove They Should Stand Among The Giants Of Rock and Roll.

Three of The Best New Bands I
Just Heard Of Today For The First Time.

The Four Best Best New Artists Who Weren't.

The Three Best Cartoons To Forecast The Future (And How They Did)

The 10 Best Movie Villains, According To The Boy (And Some Man
Walks Into A Bar Jokes.)

The Best Books Written By Felo
ns (Guest Post!)

The Best Stupid Questions (And The Internet Sites They Lead To)

The Best Versions of My Life, According to Singer/Songwriters.

The Six Best Superheroes (Read
er List!)

The 10 Best Heroes In Cinema, According To The Boy (And The Boy's 10 Favorite Songs, Accordi
ng to his iPod)

The Seven Best Songs To Teach Yourself How To Clap In Rhythm.

The Best Things I Used To Do In College, But Don't Anymore, But Should

The Five Best Female Movie Characters To Get Dumped By

The Best Movie Weapons (And How I'd Use Them In Real Life)

The Best Foods That Should Be Made Into Movies In Which One Actor Plays All The Parts


The Best Absolutely True (Well, Almost) Celebrity Stories That Should Be Christmas Movies

Why lists?

People like lists. Or so it seems. Because people ask me all the time "Why don't you do lists?" Really, they do. They stop me on the street, and uniformly when they do, I am asked two questions:

1. How can you possibly be so handsome? and
2. Why don't you do lists on your website?*

*(note: at least one of these questions has never been asked of me.)

So I've decided to do lists, along with the usual essays on Pop Culture. After all, TBOE began with one idea, then slowlly shifted into what it is now... which is sort of essays about pop culture mixed in with things I think are the Best and occasional reader additions... so it can change a little more, right?

If anything, it will reduce the number of questions I am asked on the street by 50%.

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