Friday, April 01, 2011

Really, though, I was suggesting he'd be a good VICE president... (Star Wars References)

If you want to get people to donate money to your political cause, you could always work hard to convince them that your political cause is the right one, that it's going to do good things for them or prevent bad things from happening to other people, or otherwise be worthwhile.

Or you could include Chewbacca, as Stephen Colbert does in his PAC ad unveiled on his show the other night:

You have to look fast, near the end -- but it's there, and I'll be the first to
call for a Colbert-Chewbacca 2012 Presidential Ticket.

Or, rather, I'll be the 100th, as there are already 99 people who like the Chewbacca For President 2012 Facebook page:

But would he be for creating jobs?

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Rogue Mutt said...

I wouldn't trust Chewie to create jobs. I mean he was essentially unpaid labor for Han Solo because of the whole life debt thing. He'd probably require we all make ourselves slaves to someone who saves our life. Nuts to that!