Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Maybe Lady GaGa is planning to turn herself into a Tusken Raider? (Star Wars References)

I was skimming through The Superficial's comment roundup the other day, because sometimes i care about what other people think, if what other people think is funny and makes fun of celebrities, when something caught my eye.

Two things, actually, caught my eye, and the first has nothing to do with Star Wars. The first was this picture of Lady GaGa:

Which made me wonder what is going on with her face? Is that a photoshopping screwup, or has Lady Gaga gotten triangle cheek implants? (The latter is actually more likely than the former; I'm about 90% sure that the triangles are the beginning of Lady GaGa having some sort of replica of Red Square being built around her head in order to make a point about (and I'm quoting from her in the future, here) "Oppression... or something."

Luckily, I was able to wash that image out of my mind the same way you'll be able to: By looking at what someone humorously thought about Sean Penn's look as he walked around:

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