Saturday, April 16, 2011

But when will we see "High School Musical 2" uncut? (Star Wars References)

I've been sitting on this one for a few weeks, hoping that I could finish watching it, but I haven't yet.

Remember that there are, by my estimate, over 33,000 movies made every second. (That's gotta be close, right? I mean, just consider how often J.J. Abrams combines Stand By Me with Signs to come up with a supposedly original movie like Super8*

*According to Entertainment Weekly's summer movie preview** which I tepidly paged through last night before rewatching the "Ladder to Heaven" episode of South Park, the movie Super8 will feature a widowed cop trying to reconnect with his son while four geeky kids filming a movie find an alien by the train tracks. So I'm not making up that mash-up stuff. It's real..

**Also, Sweetie says that we cannot go see Thor for our anniversary in May, which I was upset about until I read in the preview that Thor isn't actually a god in this movie, he's an alien.***

***That, too, is not made up.

So with 33,000 movies per second to choose from, including classics like Casablanca (never seen it) and Citizen Kane (never wanted to) and The Godfather (found it boring) and Revenge of the Nerds (a classic that will live forever), you can guess which movie fans opted to remake on their own, submitting fifteen-second clips online to form the entire movie in a grand homage ... no, that's not right.

In a tribute to..., no, not right either.

In something to something:

Star Wars.

Of course.

That, as I hastily glossed over, is the conceit and concept behind "Star Wars Uncut," a title I don't get: A Star Wars fan (which we all, by international law, are deemed to be) decided to cut the movie into fifteen second snippets and then have people around the world film their own homemade versions of them. The clips were then submitted, the best were voted on, and the results tallied and assembled into:

Star Wars Uncut.

(I know it was anticlimactic, but I forgot I already told you about the title.)

You can watch the entire movie on the Star Wars Uncut website. For a taste of what you're getting, here's a clip from "today's scene," titled Look, sir, droids!

Searching bots from ghent ooo on Vimeo.

The movie really is more entertaining than it might sound; I've watched it up to the part where the jawas meet Luke to sell some droids to Uncle Owen, and I can honestly say that it's better than 98% of the home movies I've made. (I still consider my magnum opus, titled "Mr F On The Swings" to be the greatest piece of filmmaking Western civilization has ever seen.)

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Rogue Mutt said...

I watched "Casablanca" last night. Ingrid Bergman was so fucking hot, even in black and white. And best of all was you know it was all natural too, not all plastic and silicone like today. And they didn't have to airbrush out any tattoos like Anjelina Jolie or any of them today.

People not seeing "Citizen Kane" is why so many people thought "The Social Network" was good. That's what most of that was, except there was no sled and a lot of legal crap. Which maybe you'd enjoy. Do lawyers like legal movies or do you just find them completely stupid? Sadly no one makes any accounting movies.