Monday, April 25, 2011

Han Solo took a shortcut? (Star Wars References.)

This comic strip, from XKCD:

Might have equally had what I assume to be Luke Skywalker saying, in the fourth panel, "I thought a parsec was a unit of measurement equal to 3.26 light years. So what you're saying is that you found a way to reduce the actual distance traveled for the Kessel Run, which of course would shorten the time as well, most likely, but that doesn't actually prove that the Millennium Falcon is a fast ship, but merely that you're better at celestial navigation than other pilots... which just goes to reason, since any starship that can get around this galaxy can go light speed, and light speed is pretty much the fastest that anything can go. So I guess it's important to us that you can find shortcuts like you did on the Kessel Run, even though the idea of a "shortcut" between planets is sort of a ridiculous notion, anyway."

Or, the author could have opted to reference a different movie altogether. But it's, like, why would that happen... in a world?


Rogue Mutt said...

People have been busting Lucas about the parsecs thing since 1977. I'm surprised he didn't change it in the "Special Edition."

Anonymous said...

The Kessel Run is a smuggling route that passes a cluster of black holes. The Falcon was able to fly closer to the black holes than other ships, thus shortening the journey it made from 18 to 12 parsecs. To fly closer to the black holes required enough power to escape their gravity. Speed comes from power. The Falcon is a fast ship. QED.

Unknown said...

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