Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I heard that "The Phantom Menace" synchs up PERFECTLY with Milli Vanilli's album (Star Wars References)

There have been "Public Service Announcements" and the like since forever -- going back at least as far as this. And, of course, there have been movies upon movies upon movies that have impressed themselves into our national consciousness -- like The Wizard Of Oz, say, which has been around for almost a century and is shown on TV every year and synchs up to Pink Floyd albums and all (a rumor that has to be true because otherwise, why wouldn't Youtube let me paste the videos here; there are all kinds of videos proving that true but Youtube, which is run by Google which is probably run by the Trilateral Commission, won't let me post them) -- or other movies which were big and are coming back, like The Karate Kid or E.T. (a movie that's actually being re-made as Super8 this year)...

... but with all those choices, College Humor still went with Star Wars for its PSA parodies:

Why? The answer is obvious: we can all only reference Star Wars anymore. It's not like it wouldn't have been funny to do a Karate Kid-inspired series of PSA's; where's the scene with that blonde guy getting upset, and his coach yelling at him, in an exchange that goes like this:

Coach: His leg is broken and he still beat you! You call that karate? Who taught you how to do this stuff?

Blonde Guy: You! All right? I learned it from watching YOU!

See what I did there? I made a non-Star Wars reference. It's possible to do that, you know. Almost anyone can wring some humor out of taking a well-known, yet somehow non-Star-Warsian pop culture moment, sometimes even the same one as I mentioned:

The College Humor ones were, of course, PSAs that might exist in the Star Wars universe -- which would have been interesting to expand out to "PSAs that might exist in movie universes" rather than only Star Wars. But that's not something our society can do, anymore, apparently. So we don't get to see what PSAs might have been watched by, say, The Goonies or in The Lost Boys. We just get our only cultural touchstone, Star Wars.

To be fair, I can't entirely blame College Humor for restricting their PSAs to simply Star Wars; having made a non-Star Wars reference, I expect a visit from George Lucas' goon squad at any moment. If you don't hear from me in three days, alert the authorities.

But first check and see if I'm just hiding in a hidden locker where I ordinarily smuggle goods. Storm Troopers never check there.

Oh, also, I found one I could embed:


Rogue Mutt said...

Yeah, stormtroopers aren't very bright. Maybe because they were all cloned from the same guy. Now that had to make things weird in the locker room.

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