Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Best Language: Reader Nomination.

I'm always right, which is why I get to write this blog. (That, and I got the domain name. Take that, Internet!) So while I welcome reader nominations-- because it means I get credit for posting something without all the hard work of "thinking"-- you should be cautious about contradicting my ultimate rightness.

How have I been proven right lately? Let's count the ways:

1. I said back in February that to have a best selling book you had to have a true story about something that took you about a year to do. The other day, Stephen Colbert (who is among the many celebrities who read this blog) had author Hephzibah Anderson on. Anderson's book is titled "Chastened: The Unexpected Story of My Year Without Sex." (If you click that link, it'll take you to a post where you can see the interview, and also can see that Anderson didn't actually go a year without having sex; she just said she did so she could sell books.) So add Hephzibah Anderson to the list of people who took my advice on coming up with a best seller.

2. Recently, I said that it was time to choose a new celebrity to play God in all our movies, nominating Michael Keaton as The Best man for that job. Hollywood didn't listen to me entirely -- they decided to cast a new God but foolishly picked Betty White as the role-player for now. (As Filmdrunk reports: "it's funny because she's old. F*ck you."). But I was right that we needed a new God -- and, judging by Filmdrunk's reaction, I was right when I said that everybody will soon hate Betty White.

Which brings me to the brave reader who dared to wade into the pool of the second most controversial thing I've ever said. (This is the first.) MartinMartiini, a commenter not afraid to show that while there's no i in team, there's plenty of i in his name, read up on my post The Best Language, and responded concisely, but curiously:

spanish is the best language.

I say curiously, because he didn't say it in Spanish. If Spanish is so great, why not give me the comment in Spanish?

I've taken the liberty of translating the comment for Martin. Here's his comment in Spanish, which Martin nominated as The Best Language:

spanish is el language-o del best-a-rama.

Thanks for commenting, Martin. As always, anyone who leaves a comment on any of my blogs is put into the bi-monthly drawing to win a copy of one of my books, free.

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