Sunday, July 04, 2010

Welcome Another TBOE Reader!

I continue to influence pop culture in ways that I can only dream about... and, honestly, I do dream about them. When I'm not dreaming about other things. Like last night. I dreamed that I had the Roy Scheider role in Jaws, only we couldn't get a boat to take us out because it was Memorial Day and they were all rented. So we had to use a semi-truck, which we managed to get to float through the magic of driving it onto the water...

... but I get distracted, and I don't want to, because I'm proud to announce that Neil Gaiman reads this blog... or so it seems, given his recent comments while picking up an award for his children's book. Says The Independent:

Vampires are now over-populating popular culture to the point where they are just not scary, Mr Gaiman said as he picked up the CILIP Carnegie medal for his gothic children's story The Graveyard Book, about an orphan raised by ghosts.... "The saddest thing is that it runs the risk of making vampires not scary. I will be glad when the glut is over. Maybe they will be scary again. I like my creatures of the night a little nocturnal," he said. "My next big novel was going to have a vampire. Now, I'm probably not. They are everywhere, they're like cockroaches." He said he hoped that mainstream culture would lose its interest in the undead so that vampire fiction could regain its potency. "Maybe it's time for this to play out and go away. It's good sometimes to leave the field fallow. I think some of this stuff is being over-farmed," he said.

Neil didn't come right out and say it, but it seems to me that he must have been mulling over all the incredibly valid points I made when I wrote about The Seven Best Monsters Society Should Be Fearing/Pretending Are Symbolic Of Stuff back at the end of March.

Welcome, Neil, to the fold of famous TBOE readers. Now, I think you should put a character named after me into your next book. And make him super-hunky. With rippling muscles. And not balding. And played by Martin Henderson in the movie version of the book.

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