Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 30 Best Things About Summer, 23:

23. Summer Reruns/Summer TV.

I'm not one of those people who pretends to dislike TV because it seems highbrow or cool, and I'm not one of those snobs who deliberately avoids TV to seem intellectual. I like TV, just like I like books and movies and some Youtube videos.

And I especially like summer reruns. Because I do have limited time, I can't watch every show that I'd like to watch -- I've still got to read and sleep and work and play "Bust It" with Mr Bunches. So I have to be choosy about my TV shows and watch only the shows I know I'm going to like - -and never try out new shows. But in the summer, I've seen all those shows and can check out stuff I might have missed otherwise. Quality stuff. Like Invader Zim. Which is back on TV this summer. I'm hooked on Invader Zim.

Other Best Things About Summer:

8. Helium balloons.

9. Jell-O

10. Shorts.

11. Hammocks.

12. Longer days.

13. Sandals.

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Petri Dish said...

Invader Zim is FUNNY! Haven't seen it in a while. Twilight Zone marathon today! I'm adding "King Nine Will Not Return" to my top twenty best episodes.