Sunday, December 11, 2011

28 Days Of Christmas, 28 of the Best Christmas Songs, 9, 10 and 11... plus The 10 Best Santas and Some Stuff To Fill Out The List!: Song 14, etc...

Just two weeks 'til Christmas, now, depending, of course, on when you read this. I'm writing it on the morning of Sunday, December 11, which means that two weeks from this moment my Christmas will be all done: we'll have opened the presents and drunk all the egg nog and watched all the Christmas specials and I'll be settling in for a lazy afternoon of chasing Mr Bunches and swinging with Mr F while Sweetie and the older kids go take in a Christmas Day movie.

Sounds nice, doesn't it? In other nice things, last night Mr F and I watched one of my favorite Christmas specials, ever: Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas.

This song isn't particularly Christmas-y, but it was in a Christmas special, and I really like it: When The River Meets The Sea, this version by John Denver:

And today's Best Santa or Santa's Helper? Doc Bullfrog, from that same special. There's SPOILERS ahead, so [SPOILER ALERT!]: After Emmet punches a hole in Ma's washtub, and Ma hocks Emmet's tool box, both done to enter the talent show on Christmas Eve to try to get the $40 prize, some thugs from River Bottom enter their rock band and get first prize, leaving Emmet and Ma and the gang to walk home on the frozen river.

When they stop to sing a song:

(That version being from the stage production of this show), Doc Bullfrog overhears them and offers the band a chance to perform at his restaurant regularly -- saving their Christmas and, probably, their lives, because Ma's washtub and Emmet's toolbox were their only means of support.

It's okay if you're crying a little. Just pretend it's the dust.

Prior songs:

13. All I Want For Christmas, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Santa who helped Superman fight Toyman.

12. We Need A Little Christmas, Glee version, and The Holiday Armadillo.

11, 10, 9: The Little Drummer Boy, Johnny Cash; What Christmas Means To Me, Stevie Wonder; What's This, by Julia Nunes and Ian Axel, and "The Santa From A Nightmare Before Christmas".

8. Taste The Coast, by Admiral Fallow

7. Dringo Bell, Mediaeval Babes

6. Born Is The King (It's Christmas) by Hillside

5: Tijuana Christmas by The Border Brass

4. Christmas Griping, REM

3. A Christmas Waltz, She & Him

2. Don't Shoot Me, Santa, The Killers

1. Snoopy's Christmas, The Royal Guardsmen

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Stephen Hayes said...

I'm not familiar with Emmet Otter. Is he new? When our boy was small it was all about Care bears and Rainbow Brite. The horror--I still can't get those images out of my head!