Monday, December 05, 2011

28 Days of Christmas, 28 of the Best Christmas Songs, 8:

Apropos of nothing, did you know that even as we speak scientists are trying to clone a woolly mammoth?

I know, that's kind of old news, given that they started last January, but the news is breaking today that they think it'll be done within 5 years, and I just thought it would be cool to mention it.

Did you know, also, that you can get 8-1 odds on when the mammoth will actually be cloned? And there are 100-1 odds on Ireland being the first country to have a mammoth in their zoo. What's so bad about the Irish? Even Lapland is only 14-1, and they're not even a country, I'm pretty sure.

In case you're a betting man/woman, that is.

Here's today's song: Taste The Coast, by Admiral Fallow:

I'm not sure, having looked at the lyrics, what that song has to do with Christmas, which means between yesterday and today's, we're getting sort of further afield than I'd intended, but that song was included on a compilation of Christmas songs available from a retailer, and so apparently other people think it's a Christmas song, and, let's face it: If "Winter Wonderland" and "Jingle Bells" and "Good King Wenceslas" are Christmas songs, then pretty much anything is a Christmas song.

Also: I was, as expected, totally right about that whole "Lapland is not a country" thing. But it is, apparently, Santa's hometown according to the beginning of this video:

I didn't watch the rest. I'm tired. It's been a long day. Go read about the horrifying story behind Good King Wenceslas and see if that doesn't change your mind about what is, or is not, a Christmas Carol.

Prior songs:

7. Dringo Bell, Mediaeval Babes

6. Born Is The King (It's Christmas) by Hillside

5: Tijuana Christmas by The Border Brass

4. Christmas Griping, REM

3. A Christmas Waltz, She & Him

2. Don't Shoot Me, Santa, The Killers

1. Snoopy's Christmas, The Royal Guardsmen.


Rusty Webb said...

I hope they eventually name the mammoth 'Mammy,' because Mammy the Mammoth sounds like something I'd be interested in seeing. Very interested.

But Carl, or June, of Nettie, no thanks.

Dr. Grumpy Bulldog, PhD of Awesomeness said...

They should name the mammoth for the one in the "Ice Age" movies to get some sponsorship money.

Anyway, you know how you were posting about ideas you had for TV shows and stuff? I was walking around and I had the greatest idea for a TV series ever.

It's "The Love Boat" meets "The Walking Dead" meets The Bible.

I'd call it "Noah's Ark" only instead of biblical times it takes place in modern day. Zombies are threatening to overrun the world, so a guy named Noah gets his family, some supplies, and a bunch of animals from the local zoo onto some kind of big ship, like a cruise ship or something. (How would they drive it? I don't know. Maybe they find someone who knows how or he's trained for it.) Anyway, they hit the high seas to either find a safe port or if need be to wait until the zombies finally die off, which is why they have the animals.

So every week they go to some exotic port of call which inevitably becomes overrun with zombies. And they meet people and maybe bring some aboard. Probably some of those people aren't nice and maybe want to mutiny against Noah. And of course there has to be some hot dude (or chick) who falls in love with Noah's son or daughter.

The only problem with this idea might be the cost, but with computers maybe it wouldn't cost that much.

I totally need to pitch this to AMC or FX or one of those cable networks.

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