Sunday, December 04, 2011

28 Days Of Christmas, 28 of the Best Christmas Songs, 7:

It's Dringo Bells, by Mediaeval Babes, and that ae combination in Mediaeval is supposed to be that combined ae thing that will probably be all the rage once people realize that just tacking an e onto things no longer denotes a sufficient level of fanciness.

To be honest, I don't even know if this is a Christmas song at all. I tried to find out what a Dringo Bell might be, because it sounded like it was maybe an old-world Christmas-y thing (or Christmaes-y thing), but I like it, and, also although it can be hard to make out, this song is dirty as all get out. But you can still play it around Grandma and tell her it's church music, and have your own little inside joke. Aren't you funny, you.

Prior songs:

6. Born Is The King (It's Christmas) by Hillside

5: Tijuana Christmas by The Border Brass

4. Christmas Griping, REM

3. A Christmas Waltz, She & Him

2. Don't Shoot Me, Santa, The Killers

1. Snoopy's Christmas, The Royal Guardsmen.

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