Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad! The Return! (Table Of Contents/Explanation)

The Best Hot Girl In A Red Bikini.

The Best Brittle Blond Girl Who Might Look Sexy But Is Probably Kind Of Mean.

What this is all about:

A while back, I had a blog named "My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad", in which I hypothesized what would happen if two pop culture icons met in a fight. I let that lapse because it's a bit awkward to have 33 billion blogs you're trying to run. But I liked the idea, and so I'm bringing it back, with a nod towards another great site that also is no longer active, Fametracker.

had a category called "2 Stars, 1 Slot," which I also liked, and since Fametracker's not doing it anymore, and since I kind of did the same thing on my own even before I knew what Fametracker was (The Best Olsen Twin, The Best Simpson Sister) I figured I could bring this old concept back and revive it here, where it fits in pretty well.

So from time to time be treated to My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad, in which I'll decide who would... and should win in a face off of two identical, or nearly-identical, pop culture icons.

Hope you enjoy them.

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Rogue Mutt said...

That reminds me of the old "Celebrity Deathmatch" show on MTV where they had claymation versions of celebrities fight to see who would win. Some were pretty funny and some were kind of dumb.