Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Awesome Covers of Already Awesome Songs: Killer Queen (The Best Of... Music)

Awesome Covers of Already Awesome Songs used to be a feature on Thinking The Lions (find it here), but I've decided it fits better on this blog (because really the idea started with this), so now it's here. Enjoy!

The other night, Sweetie and I watched Battle: Los Angeles on our Date At Home. While it wasn't a bad movie, it also wasn't a great movie, either, and after the fact, there were three things that stood out to me:

1. The part where the Marine leader says to Harvey Dent that the word about how Dent's team brought down the command and control center has gone out to all the armies around the world; Harvey brought down the control center by targeting it with missiles. That hadn't occurred to the rest of the military? A staff sergeant is our world's top military mind?

2. The part where Harvey decides to leave the helicopter, and rescue, because only he could go back and find the command and control center, as he was much more qualified than, say, a full platoon of Marines who hadn't been up all night and who did have weapons. All I could think, as Harvey went down the rope was "You leave that tractor beam to me."*

*Mandatory Star Wars Reference

3. I keep calling him Harvey Dent; that's because that's all I can think of Aaron Eckhart as. Sweetie, too; during slow parts in the movie, we'd say "Rachel!" and laugh.

4. There was a Marine in Harvey Dent's squad who Sweetie said looked like a young Freddie Mercury, which is what made me think of these Awesome Covers:

The Best Possible Cover of Killer Queen, Ever:

Some Guys at A Piano Do a Passable MTV Unplugged version:

The version that makes me think "I should get my acoustic guitar out and try to play this"

only then I remember that Mr Bunches broke two of the strings, so I can't.

The requisite ukulele cover. Got to have one of those:

The version by a guy who somehow, except for the wispy moustache, startingly resembles a 19-year-old me, right down to the awkward piano playing:

The "I think I heard this over the closing credits of Burlesque" version:

The "Actually, I almost like this one better than that first one which I said was really the best..." version:

And then there's the one that's played by Ghost Robots!

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Rogue Mutt said...

I think I'm more likely to think of Aaron Eckhart as the guy from "Thank You for Smoking." He was so delightfully sleazy in that movie. In an ironic twist he nails Katie Holmes in that movie, who was the previous "Rachel" in Batman Begins. Spooky!