Friday, March 18, 2011

Turns out that it was, in fact, the droid Nick Frost was looking for. (Star Wars References)

Your week in Star Wars references, in a quick format to allow you time to go finish reading the Whodathunktit!? presenting all 68 Amazing Facts about Mr. Toad's Wild Ride/the basketball tournament.

First, on Parks & Recreation, which I know you watch because everyone, including me, Awesome Sauces that show, Ben complimented Leslie by describing her as a being "like a Ninja crossed with a Jedi,"

And, in The A.V. Club's interview with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the two explain how they came to be such good friends:

AVC: Simon, your upcoming memoir is largely about your interface with nerd culture, and your relationships with Star Trek, Star Wars, and so forth. Nick, do you consider yourself a geek to the same degree? We’ve heard a lot about Simon’s relationship with geek culture, but maybe less about yours.

SP: Too much. [Laughs.]

NF: Yeah, if “geek” means you like something a lot, then absolutely I am. I’m a film geek, Simon’s a sci-fi geek,....

SP: But how did we bond?

NF: We bonded over a noise a droid made in Star Wars, so I am a geek, ....

AVC: How did you bond over a Star Wars droid noise?

SP: [Makes bleep-bloop sound.] The noise the little mouse-droid makes when Chewie roars at it and then it runs away in Star Wars.

NF: We’d known each other for like three weeks or something, and we were out with a group of friends having a curry, and Simon made that noise. I’d never known anyone else who knew what that noise was, and it spoke to something in me, personally.

SP: I think what it was—and this is me hypothesizing—but it was probably, I moved the salt across the table and made that noise. [Mimes scooting a salt shaker around like a fleeing droid.] But the fact that Nick recognized it means that something in him loved it when he saw Star Wars, to the point where he remembered it and no one else at the table did, and that defines you as a geek. The capacity to acknowledge things at that level of detail and retain it, that’s what geeks are. They see the beauty in tiny, tiny things, and then chat about it.

The droid in question is actually the "MSE-6 droid." And that scene is controversial: it apparently was cut from some versions of the film, resulting in a petition demanding that Lucas release all versions of the Star Wars saga.... a petition that has footnotes, so you know it's totally serious.

I'd like to point out that I don't ordinarily read the interviews in The A.V. Club - -I get the hard copy of The Onion -- but they pulled out the quote about bonding over a "droid noise", so I had to read. Such is the power of "Star Wars!"

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