Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 Rock Would REALLY like some of your attention, everyone. (Star Wars References)

Remember how shows like Seinfeld just came up with stuff that had you repeating it, even years later? "No soup for you!" and "The Penske File" and "Sweet and fancy Moses" and the like? It seemed effortless, didn't it?

Shows like 30 Rock, which nobody watches and I defy you to prove otherwise, want desperately to cash in on that water cooler buzz, but can't because, as I found out in high school, if you try to be cool you are by definition not cool.

Which is why 30 Rock sucks so badly: it tries too hard to be cool.

And which is why 30 Rock is resorting to this:

That's Tracy Morgan, and according to The Superficial, he's shooting an episode of 30 Rock, one that clearly is going to involve a much more aggressive, and therefore equally more embarrassing, play for your attention, a play for your attention that involves making obvious allusions to your childhood in hopes that saying "hey, remember this thing? We remember it too" will suffice in lieu of creativity. (This tactic is properly known as The Diablo Cody Writing Method.)

Based on that photo alone, I can "scientifically" say that we are one season away from 30 Rock having Mark Hamill guest star as a guy pitching a Star Wars weekly series to Liz Lemon, and (fingers crossed) one and a half seasons away from having 30 Rock canceled.

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Rogue Mutt said...

Come on, it works for "Family Guy," why not them?

I hate those shows that we're all supposed to watch just because critics like them. Like that "Arrested Development" during its three seasons. I remember articles bitching because people weren't watching. I'll watch what I wanna watch, damn it!

Though usually I just watch movies, sports, and Simpsons/Family Guy/American Dad reruns.

And no I couldn't even tell you when 30 Rock is on. It's sad though what's happened to NBC. They used to be #1 back when they had "Seinfeld" and "Friends" and "Will and Grace" and twenty Law & Order shows. Now they're probably behind Univision in ratings. FOX is kicking their asses. FOX! A network that's been around only 25 years. It's pathetic. Other than "30 Rock" I can't even name 4 other NBC shows anymore. I think they still have Law & Order SVU, right? Otherwise, I got nothing.