Thursday, March 03, 2011

Star Wars really is EVERYWHERE. (Star Wars References)

On my blog Thinking The Lions I today posted a humorous story about Oldest needing money ("The Grasshopper and The Ice Cream") and in passing noted that as part of that story, I'd ended up at a McDonald's playland where Mr Bunches and I went into a helicopter that reminded me of a TIE fighter:

Then, at work today, I couldn't get that out of my head, and, looking for an excuse not to actually do anything productive, I googled "view from inside a TIE fighter" and found this image:

Game over, Western civilization. When even playgrounds in fast food restaurants hearken back to what future civilizations will assume was the only movie ever made by our generation, that's the end of the culture.

On the other hand, I have from time to time pondered what's the one thing that will be remembered about this period of history a thousand years from now -- history melting down everything to one or two or three things that survive from any given era, as it did with the time period from 1000-1500, five hundred years of history that now boils down to "Magna Carta," "Shakespeare" and "Columbus"-- and I think we can safely say that this period of history, will, in the year 3000, be known for "Star Wars." That's it. Everyone else can quit trying. It's "Star Wars." Sorry, Trekkies: you lost.

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Rogue Mutt said...

Yep in thousands of years archaeologists will be drawing up a whole pantheon of primitive gods and goddesses people in the 21st Century worshipped based on old Star Wars toys.