Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yes, I learned ALL of my social skills from puppets. What's your point? (The Best Sex Scenes in Movies, 5)

Today's scene isn't picked just because it's the hottest puppet sex scene ever (or, I assume it is, since I haven't seen Avenue Q, and also, God only knows what some of you do with your puppets in the privacy of your own home.) It's also picked because it serves a valuable public services.

Sex scenes in movies always serve a valuable public service -- or many. They make dumb movies memorable, and give guys a reason to sit through The Notebook (which Sweetie swears has a sex scene, but I don't remember one in there.)

Team America: World Police's marionette sex scene goes above and beyond that, though, and shows the ultimate line to get that special someone in bed. And that line is: Anything he/she wants you to say.

Write it down, people, and watch how a pro seduces someone:

The 15 Best Sex Scenes:

1. The staircase in A History of Violence.

All the sex scenes in Mulholland Drive.

3. Neve Campbell & Denise Richards in the pool in Wild Things.

4. The staircase scene in Unfaithful.

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