Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The 30... make that 23...Best Things About Summer.

It's a MiniBest!

I've decided to cut the list short at 23, not because Summer can't support 30 great things, but because in every summer, there's a moment where summer ends -- where, even though the calendar may say it's summer and even though it's 88 degrees, the feeling of summer is gone. When that happens, it's best to recognize it and move on like the grown-ups our parents always hoped we'd be (albeit grown-ups who spend more time blogging about superheroes than many parents are comfortable with.)

That moment came, for me, when I nearly died twice in one week. Instead of going to the beach or riding roller-coasters, I'm now focusing on things like "not almost dying again," and that takes a bit of the thrill away from summer.

So, it's officially The 23 Best Things About Summer, and here they are, one last time:

8. Helium balloons.

9. Jell-O

10. Shorts.

11. Hammocks.

12. Longer days.

13. Sandals.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

" Shirts that aren't, quite." Hahha good one!