Friday, August 27, 2010

I challenge you to a harp duel! Tomorrow, noon sharp. Main Street. (The Ten Best Underated Instruments, 2)

About today's instrument, the harp, I began with questions:

1. Why do you tilt a harp to play it?
2. Can you rock out on a harp?
3. Why, if you google why do you tilt a harp to play it do most of the results relate to the harmonica, which need not be tilted to play, at least so far as I know, and I would know because when I was about 16 I bought a harmonica at the Corrao Music Store in Hartland and almost learned to play it.
4. Has someone recorded a version of Bohemian Rhapsody on the Harp?

And now I have some answers:

1. I don't know, because of that failure on Google's part to actually have valid results.
2. Yes:

3. See answer to number 1. Also: I was never very good on the harmonica.

4. Yes, and that is probably the crowning achievement of Western Society:

Also, in a different universe, Dueling Harps would be the coolest thing ever. It already is, in this universe. Check it out:

As an added bonus, here's one of the best, most upbeat, peppy, fun harp songs ever:

It's called Paraguari and it's by Marcelo Rojas and you can download it for free here.

Previous Instruments:

1. Tuba

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