Sunday, August 08, 2010


One of the running themes of this blog is, of course, that I am always right. Anyone who reads this blog for five minutes realizes that... anyone with half a brain at least, which excludes "scientists."

I say that because, as we know, disparaging what passes for "science" these days is another running theme of this blog, and I have on many occasions pointed out how it's pretty obvious that "scientists" are chowderheads who copy from Dane Cook, make things up to impress the public, and are generally less reliable, accuracy-wise, than a Modest Mouse song.

In particular, I have repeatedly brought "scientists" to the metaphorical woodshed for making up crap about dinosaurs, and when I do that, people -- by which I mean "the mommies of 'scientists' " stick up for them and claim I don't know what I'm talking about.

Those people should go back and review the first paragraph of this post (i.e., "I'm always right,") and if they're still not convinced how right I always am, they should go read this article which points out that Triceratops never existed, with scientists admitting that for years they've simply been claiming that Triceratops was a real thing, when in reality "Triceratops" was simply a young torosaurus.

Or so they say; but if they didn't know before, why should we believe them that they're right now? Especially when, unrepentingly, "scientists" have opted to correct this error by... continuing to make it.

That's right. In the grand tradition of bullshit-ry that "science" has become, "scientists," having determined Triceratops is a fake, have opted to simply call torosaurs "Triceratops."

Way to go, "science." It's not hard to see why the Creationists are winning the cultural battle. At least they don't pretend their theories are real.

(Wait, what? They do? Aw, crap. Now we're left with just Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Narnia books as the basis for all human knowledge.)

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Petri Dish said...

I wish I'd never read this. Now I can't watch The Land Before Time the same way again. Cera was my favourite!