Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I never played the tuba, but I bet I'd have rocked it. (The Ten Best Underrated Instruments, 1)

It's a MiniBest!

When you're a kid, and your parents force you to take music lessons... or, if you were one of those kids who voluntarily chose to learn music... there are certain instruments that just get selected.

Everyone wants to play guitar, for example, because we think it'll make us into rock stars. It won't, or, at least, it won't for those of us who never really cared to practice all that much and got sort of stuck on Michael, Row The Boat Ashore, a song that never really attracted many groupies or record company execs in the first place.

But guitar, piano, and, to a lesser extent, trumpet, tend to be overly represented among the Forced Musical Youth... and what's overlooked are great instruments like the ten I'll present as being entirely underated.

The first one on the list? The tuba. Check out these performances:

The tuba is the fat-kid-who-wears-glasses of the instrument world (and, I think, most people picture that kid playing it, too.) Picked on, made fun of, ignored, and generally derided, but there's more to that kid than meets the eye. That kid is made of tougher stuff and is capable of more than you'd ever expected, and given some time, will knock your socks off and show just how cool he really is.

Wait... I'm still talking about tubas, right? And, yes, I was a fat kid who wore glasses. Why do you ask?

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