Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Reader Nomination: The Best Songs That Are Impossibly Catchy And Hard To Get Out Of Your Head.

New blogger (but no doubt long-time reader) Abbie read my first post in this category and commented to say this:

Seven Nation Army is wicked hard to get out of your head, I agree. But I think just about any song from a Broadway musical is harder. I'm pretty sure they design those to get ingrained in your brain for the rest of eternity (probably as a clever marketing strategy?). Cool blog, though. I'm a big fan of lists.

Abbie didn't say which song from a Broadway musical might be the best (worst) on this list, so I'll throw one in here: Springtime for Hitler:

Here's why I chose that one: We went, a long time ago, to see the touring production of The Producers, taking the kids with us. On the walk to our car after the show, The Boy claimed that he hadn't liked the musical very much at all. I said to him that I thought he was just trying to be tough, and that sooner or later he'd be humming one of the songs. He denied it, but two blocks later, I heard him singing quietly to himself "Springtime for Hitler."

So that's reason number one. Reason number two is the cleverness of "Heil Myself."

Thanks, Abbie, for commenting/nominating. You're entered in the bimonthly drawing, and, more importantly, your nomination is preserved for all time on display to the multitudes. (The internet will last forever, right?)

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Abbie said...

Haha, I feel so special!!! Thanks for taking my idea into consideration and thanks for the link to my blog. :)