Friday, April 02, 2010

The Best Songs That Are Impossibly Catchy And Hard To Get Out Of Your Head (One)

April's Minibest is, as the title suggests, The Best Songs That Are Impossibly Catchy And Hard To Get Out Of Your Head.

Songs like the number one hardest-to-get-out-of-your-head song, Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes:

That song's beat is so commanding, it gets my heart beating in rhythm to it. If I listen to it in the morning, only once, I guarantee you that I'll be tapping my feet to it on the commute home. It's made me speak in that rhythm.

, it's the only song I know which actually defies the cure for a catchy song, as told to me by my law school roommate, whose advice for having a song stuck in your head was to sing a bit of The Star Spangled Banner; he said that The Star Spangled Banner had no melody and no rhythm and was so antimelodic and antirhythmic that it would drive the catchy song out of your head.

And that works... except for "Seven Nation Army."

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sleve newbiwe said...

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Abbie said...

Seven Nation Army is wicked hard to get out of your head, I agree. But I think just about any song from a Broadway musical is harder. I'm pretty sure they design those to get ingrained in your brain for the rest of eternity (probably as a clever marketing strategy?).

Cool blog, though. I'm a big fan of lists.