Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reader Nomination: The Best Monsters Society Should Be Fearing/Pretending Are Symbolic Of Things.

I'm a little late in reposting this, but I like to encourage reader nominations (and remind people that by commenting on any of my blogs, you're entered into a drawing to win one of my books, free).

This comment is from Lia, who nominates as a Monster In Need Of Fearing And Symbolicizing (remember, kids, grammar is bunk: if someone says it, it's a word. Invent your own today!) The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Lia doesn't say why Creature (do you think he minds if I call him Creature? Maybe? How about this...) Lia doesn't say why Mr. Black Lagoon (it's a boy, right? I'm pretty sure it kidnapped a girl) would be a fitting addition to the List of Monsters, but I think Mr/Ms. Black Lagoon's resume speaks for itself:

Employment History:
-- 1930s-Present: Terrorizing people, possibly kidnapping a woman once.
--1900-1920: Bassoon player, Guy Lombardi Orchestra.

Special Skills:
-- Amphibious.
-- I can do that cupstacking thing that for some reason is all the rage, and I'm really good at it despite having webbed hands.

Awards/Honors/Community Service:

1952 recipient of the Congressional Medal of Black Swampitude.

Lia has a blog, mud nouveau, on which she mostly posts pictures of her amazing pottery, like this one:
Visit her there, and don't forget to nominate your own Best!

Read the original nomination post here.

I also gave you the resume of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, because apparently I recycle jokes faster than Jay Leno.


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