Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome a New TBOE Reader...or, to use the Italian word for it, "Plagiarista."

I hope I at least get some royalties out of this. I'm no intellectual property rights lawyer, but I believe that the the legalese of "plagiarism settlement" could be translated into everyday English as "I'd like my house in Hawaii now, please."

I am moved to think such high-minded thoughts as this by the revelation that famed (?) producer (?) Lorenzo di Bonaventura (??) is a fan of The Best Of Everything... albeit not a fan of "giving credit where credit is due."

I know he's a fan of mine because I read on Filmdrunk today that producer (?) di Bonaventura (which I think is Italian for "are bloggers litigious? I hope not") is going to be making a film version of "Asteroids."

Which is an idea that he had to have gotten from me, given that I posted exactly that idea over a year ago -- even giving a plot and a soundtrack to it.

So, um... welcome, Mr. di Bonaventura, to the readership of TBOE, and I like my settlements in 10s and 20s. It's easier to stash them in my mattress. In Hawaii.

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